General Rates for the Year 2014

Cargo Handling in + out
  • Handling of pallets 7,80 €/plt
  • Handling of m3 7,90 €/m3
  • Handling of tons 7,75 €/ton
Cargo Storage
  • Storage inside 4,40 €/m3/month
  • 6,60 €/plt/month
  • 0,15 €/m3/day
  • 0,20 €/plt/day
  • Storage outside (warehouse field) 1,20€/m3/month
Containers Transportation
  • From unloading terminal in Port of Hamina to warehouse in Port of Hamina 100 €/Cont. (incl. IMA)
  • From unloading terminal in Port of Kotka to warehouse in Port of Hamina 150 €/Cont. (incl. IMA)
Receive / Dispatch of Trucks
  • Registration fee 10 €/truck
Documentation Producing
  • Package (TIR, CMR, Export Declar.) 85 €
  • In case of more than 10 codes, starting from the 11th code 5 €/item
Other Operations
  • Handling by hands 30 €/Man/hour
  • Overtime work 52 €/Man/hour
  • Scaling 30 €

Service time 8.00 – 16.00. The notice of unloadings and loadings has to given in written to our office one day before by 15.00 pm. Loading unit has to arrive by 12.00 otherwise Oy DMM Logistics Ltd will reserve the right to charge from overtime work. Oy DMM Logistics Ltd will not accept charges from transportation companies, if the nature of goods is so difficult that unloading cannot be done during free unloading time. (Normally 2 hours) Insurance must be taken care by the client regarding also against tax and customs penalties. THC, container yard leases, port dues or shipping line costs are all excluded.

All operations will be performed according to the general Conditions of the Nordic Assosiation of Freight Forwarders, effective NAFF(PSYM) 2000 excluding 27,3 § insurance obligation. Oy DMM Logistics Ltd does not insure stored goods against fire, water leaks or burglary.

The general conditions NAFF(PSYM) 2000 will be mailed to you by request. Term of payment 10 days. Interest on arrears: 16%. All prices are in Euros, VAT not inclusive.